Transsolar Academy

The Transsolar Academy offers a one-year fellowship in climate-responsive building design for young architects or engineers in the Transsolar office in Stuttgart. The fellowship covers tuition, travel and accommodation. So for the sixth time, we have chosen six young applicants to start in January 2019 primarily from the "majority world", with the goal of connecting to parts of the world where we have had almost no impact in the past. The program provides lectures, tutorials and project work. The comprehensive and practical training combines theoretical background with hands-on experience: working on a personal project and on projects in the company. Fellows will not only work with and learn from Transsolar staff and partners, but also learn from each other.
Our goal is to gain knowledge and discover the opportunities of "KlimaEngineering" in the home countries of the Academy fellows, where we believe the greatest changes will take place in the near future. We hope to increase our impact by connecting ideas through our TS Academy fellows returning home and applying their knowledge.
We want to inspire others to create their own academy. Find out about the vision and concept for the Transsolar Academy where we share our successes, failures, and learnings as well as our hopes and ambitions moving forward.


2016 / 2017

The 7 fellows of the 4th year of the Transsolar Academy collaboratively produced their film introducing themselves as a team.


The individual projects of the fellows make up a very important part of the Transsolar Academy. Each fellow undertakes their own project or field of study concerning their home country, which they bring along. The projects give the fellows and Transsolar the chance to connect ideas and discover the opportunities of KlimaEngineering in the majority world. At the same time, together, we investigate how to maximize our impact for the benefit of our planet.