Transsolar Academy

A decision has been reached: the 8th Transsolar Academy will be postponed until further notice. We are so sorry to share this unfortunate news, but due to Covid restrictions and safety protocols, we cannot foresee when in-person training will be possible in the future, which we believe is a prerequisite for the best possible education.

Fortunately, however, we also have some good news: As an alternative to the Transsolar Academy, we are financing a school for "Sustainable Building Construction" in Ghana, West Africa. Studio Anna Heringer has designed a educational training campus for young men and women for the organization of the Salesians Don Boscos Mission Austria, and the trainees themselves have already started building it on-site in Tatale. The first classrooms for the agricultural school are already in place, without a roof so far, because the rainy season has paused all activities for the time being.

The next step will be the construction of "our" school for "Sustainable Building Construction"; our donation makes it possible to purchase the building materials that are either not available or cannot be produced on site. In this part of the campus, apprentices will become "master builders in mud construction" and will also learn to install electrical systems and water pipes. The campus will be built gradually by the students; dormitories for students and teachers and utility buildings will follow this first building. We already had the opportunity to advise on climate engineering. The aim of the education campus is to enable young people from the villages of the region to learn a profession that will allow them to work in the area, rather than being forced to migrate elsewhere.


2015 / 2016

Rencontrez les membres de l’Academy 2015, qui étaient à Stuttgart jusqu’en septembre 2016.


Les projets individuels occupent une place centrale dans le programme de la Transsolar Academy. Chaque participant arrive avec un projet ou un thème d’étude, en lien avec son pays d’origine, qu’il a choisi lui-même. Les projets sont l’occasion pour les membres de l’Academy et pour l’équipe Transsolar d’échanger des idées et d’explorer les potentiels du génie climatique dans le monde majoritaire. Ensemble, nous cherchons des moyens de maximiser notre impact pour le bien de notre planète.