Nexus Innovation-Hub, Starnberg, Allemagne

Nexus Innovation-Hub

The goal of the Munich International School is to transform an existing sports hall into a multifunctional center, the Innovation Hub, by a “simple filling.”. The new core should be created with as little effort as possible, including the solution of the climate concept, that should be as simple as possible. The shell of the hall should not be changed. Newly inserted levels create zones and achieve the desired surface area. This very low tech and sustainable approach results in issues such as cool surfaces in winter, which can be compensated by means of radiation sources. In summer, these radiation surfaces could in turn be used for cooling as well.
However, additional skylights are necessary to provide better lighting of the usable area, but also to allow natural ventilation during day and night.
The upper levels in particular, which have a low "view factor" due to the limited heating surfaces, turned out to be sensitive areas in terms of temperature. This means that there are quite a few cool surfaces, while the percentage of warm surfaces is low.
Air temperature and low average radiation temperature of the surfaces there interact with each other, so that the so-called ‘perceived temperature’ is low. Increased flow temperature can keep this operative temperature above 20°C in areas with a high proportion of heated ceiling surfaces. Areas where the view factor of the radiating panels is low do not promise much thermal comfort; in areas without radiating panels, the operative temperature can also fall below 15°C in winter. For this time of year, the individual comfort in common areas could be increased by additional heating with infrared bulbs / radiators.
Furthermore, self-conditioning boxes are also applicable. The teamwork boxes are soundproof and equipped with their own ventilation operating within the air volume of the hub.
In the warm season, with adapted clothing style (shorts, t-shirt) and increased air movement by ceiling fans, i.e. even without a cooling ceiling, the thermal comfort throughout the summer is good.