Transsolar Academy 7 Application – Ready, steady, go!

We are opening our application process for the 7th Transsolar Academy today. We are searching for young professionals from the 'majority world'* that see this one-year fellowship in KlimaEngineering as an asset for their professional life. We seek those with a passion for sustainable design and with strong problem-solving skills. In bringing together a group of individuals, we strive for cultural diversity and a male-female balance. The program starts in January 2020.

Download document and return filled out form with requested attachements to, with subject “TSA7 2020 - Application” latest by the 30th of August 2019, 23:59 Central European Time. If you have any questions or troubles in sending your documents, feel free to contact the following email address:

*"The 'majority world' is a term used in preference to the largely inaccurate, out-of-date and or non-descriptive terms as developing countries, third world and the south. .. Shahidul Alam began advocating for the new expression 'majority world' ...the term highlights the fact that these countries are indeed the majority of humankind. It also brings to sharp attention the anomaly that the Group of 8 countries - whose decisions affect a majority of the world's people - represent a tiny fraction of humankind."
Rahul Mehrotra at "Connect Ideas – Maximize Impact" on June 29th, 2012