Calgary, Mackimmie Block and Tower Redevelopment, Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary, Mackimmie Block and Tower Redevelopment

Remodeling of the University's MacKimmie Towers begins
As part of the Canada Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon pilot, a 12-story administration tower, an academic block of rooms for about 500 students and a four-story building between them are undergoing major redevelopment. An 89-meter-high slewing crane, which has recently been installed, will remove concrete parts of the façade and mechanical system in the spring and summer. Almost all of the removed material will be recycled. Essentially, the load-bearing structure will remain with a concrete shell. These parts from the 1960s are probably still in very good condition. An extensive assessment of the building complex shows no economic advantage for a demolition. In addition, according to the ethics of the University of Calgary and its Sustainability Bureau, one of the main reasons for the project is environmental awareness. In three to four years, the tower will then be extended by two additional stories. It will be equipped with a double façade of high-performance glass to ensure comfort in the building and to make a lot of mechanical systems expendable as well as to save energy. Vertically mounted photovoltaic will generate electric energy at the connection tract and at the adjacent block.