Bosch Campus, Leonberg, Germany

Bosch Campus

On the site of a former furniture store, a six-story office building with a height of 26 meters is the first to be built. In the form of terraces it descends from north to south with green intermediate roofs that can be walked on. It will have two inner courtyards and an atrium. On the first floor, a passageway with gastronomy and a daycare center is planned, which will not only be reserved for the employees' offspring. Underneath, there will be two underground garages for 250 cars and 200 bicycles.

In a second step, a likewise terraced building is being constructed on another site. The centerpiece is a canteen with 800 seats, serving 2,500 meals a day. A hall and offices in transverse wings are also part of the project. BOSCH bought a further nearby site and plans to build an additional parking garage there.

Transsolar not only provides an energy-conscious comfortable climate with light and air, but also takes care of the energy supply for the entire campus.

A geothermal system covers the base load for both heating and cooling. Other innovations are planned in the project. The buildings will be naturally ventilated, with fully automated vents that respond to indoor requirements and outside climatic conditions. Thus, during the night, the exposed thermal mass can be cooled down to reduce the peak loads of the cooling supply the next day, with potential savings in the building services systems, and improvement of thermal comfort. During the day, there is excellent air quality, as flow simulations have shown. On cold winter days, the building benefits of mechanical ventilation and its heat recovery. Textile displacement air outlets, integrated into the load-bearing columns, connect the supporting structure and the air-supplying systems to form an architectural element. Ventilation routing, in which air flows freely to central outlets, is minimized as needed. As a result, the required electricity for the fans is low and fewer ventilation ducts need to be installed below the ceiling.