Walldorf Promega Offices, Labs, Warehous & Logistics, Walldorf, Germany

Walldorf Promega Offices, Labs, Warehous & Logistics

With the project "Promega Under One Roof", the functional areas and subsidiaries of Promega Corp., which are currently distributed to various locations in Mannheim, will be united under one new roof. For the planned logistics center with administration in Walldorf, the offices, logistics and production areas are grouped around a multi-story marketplace. Employees, guests and visitors are led to this place via the striking main entrance, which is formed by cantilevered floor slabs and a building section turned out of the edge of the building and distributed internally on the individual levels. The open, 3-story working world offers about 115 employees new places for working and enough space for expansion and growth in the coming years. The conceptual guiding principle of uniting the various functions under one roof is supported by a 9,000 m² wooden structure spanning the building. The conscious use of the available resources of land, energy, water, building materials and people in the construction and operation of the property is an integral part of the planning. This includes the renaturation of the previously used agricultural area as well as the creation of an effective concept for climate and comfort, in synch with the architectural vision. The renaturation of the outdoor space relies on the maintenance of the natural water cycle. For this purpose, the roof surfaces are mostly created as a green roof, sealed surfaces are kept to a minimum and a percolation well was created.
The lake, which is integrated in the water cycle, serves as rainwater retention and relieves the public drainage network. Additional benefits are filtration, the improvement of the microclimate, the use of greywater, the use of the lake as extinguishing pond as well as the irrigation of the green areas. Inside the new building, a high-quality stay is ensured in several ways. To optimize human comfort levels, rooms, building envelope and technology have been harmonized with regard to heating, cooling, ventilation and daylight. All constantly used surfaces are designed to maximize the use of natural lighting in the workplace, regardless of whether along the façade or towards the atrium. The façade design ensures thermal protection by means of passive and active regulation of solar radiation. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality are supported by mechanical ventilation and component activation connected to a geothermal field, whereby the large atrium was incorporated into the climate and comfort concept to create a natural chimney effect in the building. The base load of the total energy demand is provided by the photovoltaic installed on the roof.
Text courtesy haas cook zemmrich | STUDIO2050