TSA Uganda Project – Kampala dorm, update January 21

A virtual meeting took place on Thursday with significantly fewer technical problems but not without disconnections. Unfortunate but important was the news that the budget has been cut by 30%, at least for now! The final project will remain in place, but the building will initially have two floors and the third floor will be retrofitted if it becomes possible later. This means that the service water tank is not placed on the building, but will be placed separately on a supporting structure on the site.

Another consequence is to focus on determining whether cross ventilation alone can provide sufficient thermal comfort and fresh air. The option of ventilation via solar chimney drive will only be further considered if it does not work with other simpler measures. Room occupancy is expected to be approximately six to eight people.

The next important point of discussion was windows and their shading and daylight supply. Shutters are a possible, simple, inexpensive and reliable shade. Transsolar will provide sample images showing shutters with and without light openings. Bars in front of the windows may be necessary as protection; this must be taken into account in the design, as well as the desire that every window outside has the option to hang laundry to dry. Ideas are needed here so that nothing gets in the way.

In terms of rainwater harvesting, the Fellows have already been able to show with exemplary pictures how leaves can be kept from interfering with the system by simple means. Foliage protection is definitely necessary, because there are tall deciduous trees on the neighboring property to the east, and fallen and blown leaves must be expected.

The next virtual meeting will likely take place on February 3rd. Until then, questions will be clarified by email and the fellows will also receive a 3D model. What is not discussed at the meetings, but is an essential part of the project, is represented by the organization. The Fellows have already clarified who will tackle which topic. But that is by far not all. Nothing should be lost. So you not only have to write down questions, topics, thoughts, ideas, etc., but also sort them and assign the resulting tasks. "Pilot" Michelle Hur creates a table that shows how to do it. In the future, however, one of the fellows will be taken on by a Fellow or they take turns.

– To be continued >

Design/ Planning: Zero Carbon Designs
Climate-friendly building material production/ project developer: Impact Building Solutions Foundation