"The Carbon Neutral Campus: More Than an Engineering Problem" at SCUP 2017

Erik Olsen, Managing Partner of Transsolar New York, will lead a session on "The Carbon Neutral Campus: More Than an Engineering Problem" at the SCUP 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Princeton. Transsolar's integrated team (Bruce Kuwabara, Founding Partner, KPMB Architects and Robert Matthew Noblett, Partner, Behnisch Architekten) and client (Ron McCoy, University Architect, Princeton University) will describe the process and results of this eye-opening study:

Princeton University is exploring what is required to achieve carbon neutrality by 2046. To achieve this, Princeton commissioned a comprehensive study to identify potential high impact focus areas related to campus infrastructure, including buildings and energy supply. This study demonstrated that a carbon neutral campus is more than an engineering problem and is achievable by widening the scope to include design, social, and operational factors. You will learn new considerations in low carbon campus planning along with strategies and tools for improving your decision-making, design, construction, and operations practices.

The presentation is part of the concurrent sessions on Monday, April 3rd and starts at 3:30 PM:
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