Foundation 2°: Measures for Low Carbon Breakthrough

The Foundation 2°, a German initiative of chairmen, managing directors and family entrepreneurs, calls on politicians to establish effective market-based conditions for climate protection and to support the solution competence of German companies.
For this reason, the foundation has held intensive discussions with selected companies from the energy-intensive industry about the mix of instruments that, from their perspective, is necessary to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Important companies from the steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals and cement sectors are involved.
With this position paper, she now presents a climate economic stimulus package for industry, the instrument mix for a climate-neutral industry
Policy measures with national and European impact to strengthen industry after the acute phase of the corona pandemic should be used for an investment programme to switch industry to LCBT, the low carbon breakthrough technologies.
The Foundation 2° paper linked above is in German, it is also available in English.

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