New Member of the Academy of Arts Berlin: Thomas Auer

The Academy of Arts selected 14 new members at its General Assembly meeting on the 4th and 5th of May. Among the three that were selected for the division “Baukunst” (Architecture), and next to Peter Haimerl and HG Merz, is our Professor Thomas Auer.

Founded in 1696, the Academy of Arts in Berlin is one of the oldest European cultural institutions. It is an international community of artists and currently has a total of 418 members in its six topic areas of Fine Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Media Arts. In the past, the Academy has repeatedly made itself heard on many issues of cultural and political life. Even today, the Academy calls upon its members to actively participate in the life of the Academy.

The climate engineer Thomas Auer is not only one of the managing directors of Transsolar, he also holds the Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design at the Technical University of Munich. Thomas is particularly known as an advocate for robustness in architecture and technical building systems. With his election to the Academy, he will now also be "asked for his opinion on current and general issues of art and architecture and for active involvement in events".

With the nomination the Academy expressed the expectation that Thomas will contribute „meaningfully" to the Academy's discussions. Thomas Auer has accepted this membership, including all of its requisites. "Being selected itself is a great honor ..."

We as Transsolar recognize that climate engineering has an increasing importance for the design of our built environment, and is an integral part of the architectural design process; this shared viewpoint is communicated in this selection. That Thomas is now part of the Academy raises the public profile of the discipline, climate engineering.

We congratulate Thomas on his selection.

Photo: Holger Talinski