Mobility Hubs, Berlin, Allemagne

Mobility Hubs

Upon the closure of the Berlin Tegel Airport, a research and industrial park will be created there for the ‘City of the Future’. A group of scientists, technology start-ups, manufacturers and system integrators will be established there. A traffic concept has been developed to promote mobility and quality of life.

Electrically operated rental cars and rental e-bikes etc. need parking spaces and must be charged. These so-called ‘Mobility Hubs’ connect the various means of transport and make it easy to switch from motorized private transport to bicycles and public transport. Mobility Hubs can enhance the quality of life and work in the neighborhood if they are created in the form of high-quality, interesting places of urban life, invite people to stay and are well connected to the rest of the city.

Transsolar’s contributions to the "planning of equipment and furnishing of mobility hubs" are energy studies. The consumption of electric power by the charging stations and planned infrastructure is compared to the possible energy input by photovoltaics. The costs and benefits are also considered. The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) certifies Berlin TXL as a pilot project for sustainable quarters.

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