The Cradle, Düsseldorf, Allemagne

The Cradle

Only sustainable and recyclable materials have been used for this new construction. It is a hybrid construction: the basement box, building core the ground floor are made of reinforced concrete, with five floors of office space above as a massive, glue-free timber construction. The sixth floor is staggered, integrating the building services and creating a surrounding roof terrace. The underground parking garage provides space and connection for 18 electric vehicles and 160 e-bikes.

The innovative wooden supporting structure was created in integral cooperation with the supporting structure planners Knippers Helbig and Transsolar. The façade is made of timber; glass plates protect the supporting columns made of laminated timber. The result is a characteristic façade with a diamond-shaped structure. The columns have both structural and shading functions and are therefore designed at different depths depending on the direction of the compass.

The façade also supports the concept of natural ventilation and has loggias overlooking the Media Harbour area of Düsseldorf. The load-bearing façade permits open, column-free floor plans for flexible use and partitioning.