Life Cycle Costing of Applied Sustainable Strategies in Different Climate Zones of Turkey

What are the motivators and barriers of Turkish Green Building Market? That was the question that I tried to answers in my thesis study by a questionnaire survey, carried out in 2011 among actual practitioners in the sector. The results of the survey showed the barriers as high initial cost, lack of government support and shortage of experienced professions. Therefore, my individual project for Transsolar Academy is to overcome these barriers with their wide knowledge and experience. The core idea of the project is to find out the most “economic”, “effective” and “natural” design strategies for residence and office building located in different climate zones of Turkey in terms of ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting, etc. In this way, a huge contribution shall be made to the possible solutions shown on the daisy leafs to steer up Turkish Green Building Market. Basically, my individual project has four steps. As a starting point, climate analysis of different cities shall be carried out to define the different climate zones. Secondly, most effective sustainable strategies shall be defined by hand calculations, physical models, computer simulations and drawings. Then, third step is to define the top critical strategies that shall be evaluated in terms of life cycle costing in 25 year period. Finally, the aim is to develop a sustainable building design guideline which includes a list of energy effective technologies, natural and cost effective solutions or alternatives depending on climate conditions for developers.

Mentor: Monika Schulz

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Handan Guendogan – Turkey

Handan Guendogan – Turkey

Handan completed her undergraduate study in Middle East Technical University, at the Department of Civil Engineering followed by a Master in Construction Management. She worked in a construction company named ESER Project and Engineering Inc. Co. While working Handan wrote her thesis “Motivators and Barriers for green building construction market in Turkey”, as one of the first studies on Green Buildings in Turkey.