Rénovation et extension de l'école Karl Kessler, Aalen, Allemagne

Rénovation et extension de l'école Karl Kessler

The school building ensemble project of the Karl-Kessler-Schule (KKS) in the district of Wasseralfingen combines a replacement for the old Talschule (“valley school”) and the refurbishment of the secondary school building. The new and the existing buildings will have a common entrance area with a foyer.
As with the Aalen project Schubart Gymnasium, Transsolar is collaborating with Liebel/Architekten and their team. And again, the ambitious goal is to compensate for the CO2 emissions over the years with the help of the construction method and building operation: The KKS is aiming to become climate-positive. In the run-up to this, Transsolar carried out a life cycle assessment for the KKS.
The decision was to replace the existing "valley school" after all, using a hybrid wood-concrete construction for the new building, which will home a day-care school. Passive strategies such as night air flushing and natural ventilation are planned for energy-efficient operation without sacrificing any comfort.

The planned schedule currently looks like this:
2024: Start of new elementary school construction.
2026: Commissioning of the new elementary school building.
2026: Refurbishment of the existing secondary school building “KKS Realschule”.
2028: Commissioning of the regenerated KKS secondary school building.
2028/2029: Tear down of the former "Talschule".