Centre pour les constructions hybrides bioéconomiques, Biberach, Allemagne

Centre pour les constructions hybrides bioéconomiques

With the Center for Bioeconomic HYBRID Construction Methods, HBC aims to initiate and realize the necessary transformation of the construction industry towards a Circular Economy. Rethinking construction means taking a circular economy approach to the entire process of construction - from planning and management to dismantling and disposal. The goal is a significant reduction in C02 emissions.

The research building is to be newly constructed on the inner-city site of Biberach University near the existing laboratory units. The state of Baden-Württemberg is the owner of the land and builder of the planned ZBH. The building is planned as a plus-energy research building. The choice of building material should be in line with the research program. The installation of experimental facades is planned, which represents the real-laboratory character of the building. The building, as well as the urban connection to the city campus and the city itself, poses great design challenges for the planners.

The quality is set high. The German-wide uniquely equipped high-tech laboratory and workshop world shows the lighthouse character of the project. The center itself is being designed as a hybrid structure and will thus also serve as an experimental building.