Nouveau Bâtiment de Production et d'Administration, Dunningen, Allemagne

Nouveau Bâtiment de Production et d'Administration

The new TPD building in Dunningen will house both administrative and production facilities. The southern and northern parts of the production hall are separated from each other in terms of fire protection. Machines are located in the southern production hall; the final inspection, washing, assembly and chip disposal area are in the north, as well as the warehouse for finished pieces with the area for outgoing goods. The two-story administration wing includes a green inner courtyard and connects to the machine hall to the west.

The offices for administration have operable windows for natural ventilation; in addition to static low-temperature radiators, there is conditioning via a thermally activated ceiling.

These measures limit the temperatures to a maximum of 30°C in the machine hall: The lathes are equipped with direct water-based cooling and the thermally activated hall floor provides surface cooling, the waste heat can be fed into the heating system. Hybrid supply ventilation is natural or mechanical depending on the outside temperature. The mechanical exhaust air is operated either with heat recovery or adiabatic evaporative cooling.

The energy concept is characterized by peak shaving, the buffering of current peaks by photovoltaic and electricity storage, as far as possible free cooling by wet recooling and integration of waste heat from the machines into the systems for heating and hot water for showers if required.

Nouveau Bâtiment de Production et d'Administration

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Nouveau Bâtiment de Production et d'Administration

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