Reversío at EDIT Toronto 2017, Toronto, ON, Canada

Reversío at EDIT Toronto 2017

EDIT demonstrated the role of design, innovation and technology in building a sustainable future. This was be explored through five core exhibits, including Shelter/Cities curated by Carlo Ratti, which showcased Transsolar KlimaEngineering's installation Reversío:

The subtle interplay of the human body and mind determines one’s perception of atmosphere and comfort. By stimulating the human senses – sight, hearing, touch, and smell – in an immersive field, it is possible to induce a feeling of being outdoors while actually being inside. Turning spaces inside out allows human beings to accept a higher range of temperature and humidity, compared to a fully enclosed, air-conditioned space. By stretching the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, a proper design can also extend the boundaries for thermal comfort, guaranteeing comfort at reduced energy cost.
Reversío moves beyond the dualities of space towards a continuum of indoors and outdoors by playing with the human senses: an absence of the typical acoustic reverberation, a sensation prevailing in outdoor spaces; walking on grass changes the tactile experience from hard to soft floor finishing; green walls combined with dry mist fans passively improve the thermal experience; and diffuse light from above creates the perception of being in a forest surrounded by trees framing the bright sky.
The whole concept does not require mechanical cooling. Innovative and 100% recycled acoustic absorbers, with vegetation grown on them, change the acoustical performance of the space. The dry mist fans provide air movement and evaporative cooling, reducing the air temperature while increasing the humidity. Manipulation of the environment, material, and light by using passive systems is a delicate balancing act to trick the human perception and offer a space to step outside the exhibition in a momentary escape.

2018 Iconic Award Innovative Material Winner

Brens North America
Envirozone Design Inc.

Reversío at EDIT Toronto 2017


Reversío at EDIT Toronto 2017