Climaxion - Climatic Maximum Collaboration

Proposal for a climatic park in Argentina

The following project proposes the recreation of diverse climate zones from Argentina in an 18 hectares park in the center of Buenos Aires. The research investigates the particular climatic conditions of different biomes (subtropical, semi desert, glacier, humid forest) and the requirements for their introduction in the outdoor climate context of Buenos Aires. Precise targets, with specific humidity and temperature ranges are defined for each case, as well as tolerance ranges that take into account daily swings that different species of plants need for their growing conditions. Once the indoor targets for each biome are defined and the outdoor climate conditions are analyzed, diverse strategies (passive & hybrid) are evaluated to achieve optimized envelopes and boundary conditions that minimize their individual energy demands. The energy drivers (sensible and latent heating and cooling) help inform their location within the site, and guide a general evaluation to select the most suited individual variations which best fit the global system. The potential for flows is considered, as a mean to balance the sometimes opposite drivers required by the different biomes. In this way the Climaxion park proposes an integrative clima-engineered concept for a performance based landscape design which relies on technical collaboration between its different environments.

Mentors: Alexander Greising, Wolfgang Kessling, Tommaso Bitossi, Vu Hoang

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Julia Hajnal  – Argentina

Julia Hajnal – Argentina

Julia graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires, where she also worked as a professor assistant for two years. Her career includes working at both architecture offices and world-renowned artist studios in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Paris, and London as well as co-founding BHY Architects, a Buenos Aires based studio with projects in Argentina and Uruguay.