The desired future

My collage symbolizes how I see the actual world and what I would like to witness happening in the future: a volcano made from buildings, represents that we have been giving more priority to material and superficial things and we have been focusing on individual benefit instead of thinking as a community. This has caused the deterioration of the environment: increased pollution, global warming, climate change...
If we keep walking this path, we will get to a point where the world will explode, causing irreversible consequences. But what would happen if we change the way we are doing things now?

The explosion of leaves and organic materials represents the desired future. What we need is to wake up and start thinking on how to put all our energies and capabilities to make things better: a more human society taking more responsibility for the environment.
We should use natural resources in an efficient way – do more with less.

On the left there is a figure of someone greater than us, watching what we are doing with what we have on earth. The human face on the right side is amazed of what can happen if we do things in a smarter way.

My answer is very clear. This is the impact we can have as architects and actually, it is also our responsibility.

Ana Cecilia Garza González – Mexico

Ana Cecilia Garza González – Mexico

Ana Cecilia graduated as an Architect from the ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico and did a Master's degree in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability from the University of Barcelona. She worked at 7-Eleven Mexico for more than 6 years as National Leader of Energy and Sustainability. She is founder of E.LAB, a company consulting sustainable building design and energy efficiency. Through E.Lab, she has taught sustainable building courses to more than 150 people.