Brain Fracture

I truly believe that all aspects of human nature are strictly related to the ability to process information held by our brains. That is why I decided to use this fact as the main source of inspiration for my motivation board.

Considered by many as "the definitive machine", this special organ moves us forward and backward, under the influence of all kinds of external stimulations; of endless sources of information.

The analogy to a human face, located in the center of the board, emphasizes the importance of the individual within its own environment, while being surrounded by infinite variables, so many that it would be impossible to label them. But in this case, I decided to separate them into two groups: those that responded to our instincts and basic needs, and those that are related to our behaviors as social beings.

It was my intention to have no logical order to read the board. Our capacity to process information is an active phenomenon, in constant movement, but totally erratic in a matter of directions; which makes it an extremely difficult process to understand.

It is up to each one of us to estimate the right direction.

Daniel Lago Leal – Cuba

Daniel Lago Leal – Cuba

Daniel finished his Bachelor in Architecture in 2017. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technological University of Havana (CUJAE). He played an important role as part of the research team working on ¨Nearly Zero Energy Buildings for Urban Tourism in Havana¨, the first investigation of its kind in Cuba.