TRNSYS Software Website

Our updated TRNSYS website explains how extensive the application possibilities of this software package are. At Transsolar, we have been simulating with this tool since our inception in 1992 and have since then also actively developed it further to test and validate our comfort concepts.

Our story started with the TRNSYS software (pronounced 'tran-sis'): the company founders learned how to use the TRNSYS software at the Institute of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering (ITW);our company name is based on the combination of TRNSYS and Solar.

Since 1992, Transsolar KlimaEngineering has been developing innovative energy and building concepts. Over the years, the concepts have evolved considerably; they have to meet current standards and integrate building technology developments and innovations. We call our work KlimaEngineering. Our success is also based on software tools and their availability to model innovative energy and climate concepts. Many of these tools, which engineers use to validate their creative solutions, have also changed over the years. Some have been added, some replaced - but TRNSYS remains our primary simulation tool.

This is partly due to the fact that, since the founding of Transsolar, we have been working continuously in-house to develop the multi-zone building model of TRNSYS. Such a model contains the most important thermodynamic and physical principles and thus forms the core of a climate concept. The daily work of the climate engineers with its growing requirements drives the continuous further development of TRNSYS. We do not keep the developments and improvements in-house, but pass them on by transferring them into the TRNSYS software package and making them available to users in updates or new versions. We are a member of the international TRNSYS development team, whose continuous exchange of ideas is crucial for the performance of the software.