Metrics and Measurement toward passive buildings for Kampala

As a researcher for sustainability, I try to improve my understanding of design, materials and construction for better living environments. Construction in my context prevails outside the available investigations on; environment conservation, energy efficiency or building optimization.
Old approaches, boring lectures and lethargic workshops only serve to deliver more of the same inaction, despite increasing evidence of degradation. Real solutions remain purely intellectual narratives to those that will most suffer the eventual impact. The heaviness of this routine made me heavy-footed and reduced my eagerness to engage or to garner support for what was once my life’s vocation.

Transsolar Academy opportunity to be a beginner again, less sure about everything… is a long-awaited rebirth. Working with and learning from experts to advance design and deliver novel approaches for placemaking and resolution of associated challenges. Learning how space can be reoriented to integrate energy aspirations to user comfort.
Learning to think different; deliver, test or provide reliable metrics by which a building’s energy efficacy can be determined. These approaches shall be effective to support architecture in a context, where social-economic factors force people to destroy the same resource base upon which they depend. I am excited to learn then help.

Mentor: Nadir Abdessemed

Achilles Ahimbisibwe – Uganda

Achilles Ahimbisibwe – Uganda

Achilles is architect and lectured Architecture for six years at Uganda Martyrs University. As a research assistant he was engaged in Supporting African Municipalities in Sustainable Energy Transitions (SAMSET) as well as the Energy and Low Income Tropical Housing project (ELITH). Achilles has experience engaging local communities, sensitizing people and informing policies at different levels on issues concerning sustainable; technologies and construction practices. He participated in assessing local construction materials in Machakos, Kenya as well as Rwinkwavu, Rwanda under the Joint Development of Courses for Energy Efficiently and Sustainable Housing in Africa (JENGA).