We bring the smartest people we can find to tackle this challenge in an innovative way using our holistic design process. We pride ourselves in our work and believe quality is of the upmost importance. Through our diverse project experience we bring a unique perspective to the design team. We both dream big and focus on the little details in order to create something new that we believe actually works best. Did we mention that we are simply, really nice people?

Working as a network expertise and knowledge is exchanged on a daily basis even though we are spread out in four offices. For personal exchange all staff meets at least twice a year. Stuttgart was the starting point, Munich and New York followed and since 2013 we are proud to have a group of young engineers working in Paris.

Nadir Abdessemed
Angelika Abele
Achilles Ahimbisibwe
Monika Auer
Thomas Auer
Shrikar Bhave
Tommaso Bitossi
Volkmar Bleicher
Alejandra Cassis
Kristyna Dvorakova
Martin Engelhardt
Tobias Fiedler
Christian Frenzel
Alexander Greising
Charlotte Griesser
Sabine Gröger
Martin Gut
Elmer Gutierrez Gutierrez
Mohammad Hamza
Marion Hiller
Stefan Holst
Michelle Hur
Giovanna Kessling
Wolfgang Kessling
Daniel Kiehlmann
Friedemann Kik
Markus Krauß
Raphael Lafargue
Jochen Lam
Monika Lauster
Thomas Lechner
Jakob Merk
Helmut Meyer
Katrin Müllner
Bertram v. Negelein
Christian Oberdorf
Krista Palen
Nikki Alaine Panaligan
Matthias Rammig
Pratik Raval
Andreas Renk
Stefanie Reuss
Diego Romero
José Santiago Martínez Torres
Matthias Rudolph
Dieter Schnelle
Matthias Schuler
Monika Schulz
Nicole Schwonke
Thomas Slater
Christoph Stetter
Felix Thumm
Petru Du Toit
Adrian Turcato
Peter Voit
Frauke Weston
Guowei Wu
Xiaochen Wu
Peter Zatko
Björn Röhle