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Martin Engelhardt
Project Manager

In addition to thermal building simulation and sustainable energy system design, Martin specializes in outdoor comfort modeling. more

Abolfazl Ganji
Project Engineer

Having a background in Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Building Physics, Abolfazl merges his competencies into developing new solutions for healthy and comfortable buildings. more

Martin Gut
Project Manager

Martin has developed special knowledge in complex building and system analysis and has been involved in high profile projects of different scale ranging from buildings to masterplans. more

Stefan Holst
Managing Partner

Stefan leads Transsolar's Munich team with his wide background in high-comfort, low-impact building concepts in projects around the world. more

Fabian Jaugstetter
Project Engineer

Fabians approach to the various building projects is based on his architectural background in combination with a focus on sustainable building concepts and energy efficency. more

Giovanna Kessling
Wolfgang Kessling

Wolfgang's knowledge over many years on ventilation systems and energy efficient buildings have led him to develop innovative solutions with architects and design teams worldwide in diverse climatic environments. more

Daniel Kiehlmann
Project Manager

Daniel is an expert for integral design on all kinds of innovative buildings focusing on energy efficient design and sustainability. more

Markus Krauß
Project Manager

Markus is an expert in fluid dynamics simulation and has 20 years of experience in developing sustainable concepts for projects of various scales worldwide. more

Andreas Kroenauer
Project Engineer

Andreas Kroenauer is a specialist in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in building heating and cooling systems. more

Katrin Müllner
Project Manager

Katrin is an expert in thermal building simulation and daylight simulation. more

Christian Oberdorf
Project Manager

Christian has developed special knowledge in complex building and system analysis and is a leading expert on computational fluid dynamic air flow analysis. more

Björn Röhle
Project Manager

Björn is part of the Munich team and leads ambitious international construction projects throughout all phases. more

Diego Romero
Project Manager

Diego's enthusiasm for developing innovative energy concepts emerged early in his academic career. He aims at a future-oriented integration of building technology, physics and solar energy to bring out the best for people and the environment in projects. more

Elise Roussel
Project Engineer

Elise holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from École Centrale in Lyon. She completed her Master's Degree in “Optimizing Wind Modeling Outdoors” with Transsolar. more

Thomas Slater
Project Manager

Thomas' love of architecture, engineering and the environment converge at Transsolar. more