Create or destroy by design?

My collage is in the form of a “koalam” which is an Indian traditional art, which always starts with center point. This symbolizes that we are a fragment in the universe, but our actions have consequences to the environment. The black and white spaces in the collage symbolize the deterioration we are causing to the universe because of our nonchalant behavior. Nature has been fair by giving its resources to everyone equally, but some of us care about giving back and some of us don’t, which has been depicted in the two halves of the collage. The white spaces in the collage depicts that we must retain nature as such in our design. Incorporating and retaining nature enhances comfort in built spaces.
Being an Architect I choose to give back by designing energy efficient buildings. Designing efficient buildings and providing thermal and visual comfort to the occupants is an important issue, but the solutions we provide must not create other problems in the future. Often, we think about solving design issues and satisfying the stakeholders of the building, isn’t it time we think of the consequences we could create by our design?

Individual Project: Impact of solid and porous tree objects in CFD simulation

The wind that flows in and around a built space is critical to design a thermally comfortable building. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is used to analyze the intensity and direction of the wind with accuracy. This research uses steady state CFD analysis to understand influence of trees in an urban built environment. Such simulations calculate "stationary" situations, i.e. they do not represent changes during time.

Mentor: Mohammad Hamza

Sandhiya Jayakumar – India

Sandhiya Jayakumar – India

Sandhiya is an architect, a Building Energy Analyst and a Green Building Consultant. She has her bachelor’s in architecture and her Masters in Tech-Building Energy Performance. As LEED and Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Certified Professional she worked for Environmental Design Solution in New Delhi before joining us.