Transsolar Project Day Stuttgart June 2016

Two young profssionals studying at the Masdar Institute are currently in Stuttgart as interns. It was their first Transsolar Project Day:

“Transsolar’s project day is a very interesting initiative that promotes knowledge exchange between their offices and, with that, improves the work they are doing in the projects. It is not only professionally positive, but also socially, as everyone in the four offices can interact in a relaxed way. This aligns with the pleasant work environment that I experienced in the few weeks I’ve been working here. It shows the company’s commitment to high quality work. The best part is that they are open for all the employees and interns to give their input on the projects. In my opinion, learning about all the projects brings the offices closer together. ”
Fernanda de Carvalho Schuch (Civil Engineer, MSc. Sustainable Critical Infrastructure at Masdar Institute)

"It is very interesting to see the staff sharing their experiences and challenges during project days. The level of knowledge of the teams and details of each project always leaves room for discussions and a lot can be learned in this short time. Different perspectives, backgrounds and cultures create a big variety, where everyone is able to contribute at some level.
It is also a good opportunity for colleagues to meet personally, that usually work together over a distance. It brings a good atmosphere and environment to the company as a whole."
Luis Guilherme R. Santos, Civil Engineer (MSc. Sustainable Critical Infrastructure/ Research Assistant at Masdar Institute)