Transsolar and bunkers?

In the framework of the research project "Vallo Alpino Littorio" a conference with international experts from different disciplines will take place on September 24. The venue is the Franzensfeste Fortress in the South Tyrolean Alps. And: The conference will also be available online via Zoom. Registration is required.

Vallo Alpino or Vallo Alpino del Littorio is the name given to the line of fortifications of the Italian Alps, much of which has not been completed. Construction began in the late 1920s and officially ended in 1942. The research project aims to reappraise this unfinished line of fortifications of Italy in the Alps. Many fields of knowledge come into play here. History, archaeology and monument preservation, spatial planning, conflict research and jurisprudence, on top of military science, weapons technology and ballistics deal with the Vallo Alpino.

Transsolar and bunkers?
The aim of the conference is to openly, controversely discuss different perspectives on this monumental structure. It is also a matter of achieving a contemporary approach and taking the necessary steps to be able to use this cultural heritage in a future-oriented way.
And this is where Transsolar's contribution comes in.

The organizer wants participants to fill in the registration form and sent it: (Attention, new, earlier date!) by September 17th to

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