Centre National d’Entrainement, Roland Garros, Paris, France

The National Training Center is composed of 7 interior and 4 exterior tennis courts, a medical center, offices for staff of the French Tennis Federation as well as housing, conference and restauration spaces for the interns.

The project respects the Climatic Targets set by the city of Paris (primary energy consumption lower than 50 kWh/m²/year) and will receive a double certification according to the French standard HQE for standard buildings and sports facilities. It does not use nor produce active cooling energy. The spaces including offices and meeting rooms are only passively cooled by night time natural ventilation though windows. This strategy has been validated by thermal dynamic simulations to ensure the thermal comfort criteria defined by HQE are respected.

The great tennis hall containing 6 courts is entirely naturally ventilated using the stack effect via motorised openings at the top and bottom of the facade operated by the BMS, and is heated by radiant panels which allow for high thermal comfort of the players all year long.

Finally, glazings and solar protections of the project have been studied by thermal dynamic simulations and daylight factor simulations; the aim was to determine the optimal thermal and visual properties of the glazing to offer the best compromise between summer thermal comfort, maximised solar gains in winter and visual comfort.