Passivhaus Kinderhaus Schloss, Ditzingen, Germany

Passivhaus Kinderhaus Schloss

The Kinderhaus Schloss in Ditzingen is a new daycare facility, built environment-friendly in a timber-frame construction. The building shell meets the requirements of the passive house standard with triple glazing and excellent thermal insulation. There is space for up to 110 children in several rooms for different purposes, such as group and rest rooms, creative and work rooms, a multi-purpose room which can function as cafeteria or event room. All lounges are controlled and energy-efficiently ventilated with highly efficient heat recovery and zone control. In summer, the building can be passively cooled by night air flushing.

Transsolar developed and calculated the energy and the passive house concept for the daycare facility and carried out thermal simulations. Sufficient natural lighting was ensured by daylight simulations. Following the design, Transsolar supervised the execution and carried out various measurements.

2014 Hugo-Häring-Auszeichnung Stuttgart - Mittlerer Neckar
2019 Auszeichnung Beispielhaftes Bauen, Landkreis Ludwigsburg