Living on the Altmuehl River, Eichstätt, Germany

In the new district Spitalstadt in Eichstätt a mix-use development, “Wohnen an der Altmühl”, is being built by the Megavest company.
The project will consist of two distinct masses connected through an underground parking area. A planted inner atrium on the ground floor will be open to all building residents and create a sense of community and connection among neighbors. In total, 50 barrier-free apartments ranging from two to four rooms and 50 to 140 square meters are to be built. Each apartment will have a clear view to the Altmühl river that runs alongside the building site.
Transsolar was contracted to analyze the economic aspects of various energy efficiency measures. Energy supply options, energy standards, and ventilation concepts were studied and compared. In consideration of the high level of support available through the KfW-Effizienzhäuser program, the decision was made to build to the KfW40 energy standard and to connect to the city’s district heating network, “Spitalstadt”. This network is supplied by a combined heat and power plant fueled by biogas. As a result, the primary energy factor for heating is a remarkable 0.03. High external wall insulation values are achieved through wood frame construction. As insulation filled cavities can span the entire width of the wall, overall wall thickness is minimized. High quality triple glazed windows ensure performance and comfort. Ventilation air is constantly supplied through window integrated trickle vents, while kitchen and bathroom air is extracted to a central exhaust duct.