Renovation Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Museum, Freyburg/ Unstrut, Germany

Renovation Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Museum

The Jahn-Museum project consists of the renovation of the facilities and the former residence of the founder of the gymnastics movement in Germany, as well as the addition of a new building for expansion. The existing buildings will be preserved in their existing basic structure and renovated in close coordination with monument protection guidelines. Maintaining an authentic exterior of the detached residential building and yard is of utmost importance.The new building will be a monolithic construction using highly insulating in-situ concrete, with colors adapted to the surroundings. Accesses on different levels and terraces will connect with the outdoor facilities; existing paths will be maintained.

Transsolar demonstrates climate concepts to meet requirements in all the rooms, including those with particular climate requirements. We compare energy values (heat, cold, electricity) of fully air-conditioned high-tech with specifically elaborated low-tech.

The concept, which has the lowest possible energy demand, provides night ventilation for the new building. This requires secured facade openings, open areas, open doors or overflow openings. The depot areas with their high climatic requirements are excluded from night ventilation. The possibility of night ventilation should also be provided for the special exhibition.

All areas that do not have special climatic requirements for room air temperature and humidity will be efficiently supplied with preheated draft-free fresh air via decentralized ventilation units.