Masterplan Energy Supply TRUMPF, Hettingen, Germany

Masterplan Energy Supply TRUMPF

As part of the architectural master plan for the Trumpf location in Hettingen the future energy supply of the building complex was fundamentally reconsidered. Detailed daylighting studies as well as thermal building simulations were performed for the first construction phase. A sun position and shading study showed the impact of new construction on the surrounding buildings.

The power supply is completely re-arranged and rebuilt. In the future, two biogas CHP are used for the base load, which generate approximately 35% of the future heating demand onsite. Simultaneously, the generated power can be used directly onsite as well. The residual heat generation is carried out by gas boiler. The hall of the currently completed first construction phase is supplied with a mechanical ventilation system with efficient heat recovery. The cooling of the hall is provided via adiabatic cooling, which is integrated in the air handling system. Shed roofs ensure a good level of daylight and in combination with daylight-controlled lighting, the power requirements are significantly reduced.

In summertime a natural ventilation through the shed roofs allows the airing of temperature peaks. After completion of the second construction phase, the cooling of the entire site will be provided by a small stream along the property boundary. Thus chillers and cooling towers with an output of approximately 800 kW become dispensable.

Various simulations have been performed e.g. dynamic thermal building simulation, a hall simulation, a single room simulation, total load detection and daylight simulation with RADIANCE.

Masterplan Energy Supply TRUMPF

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