ENBW New Office Building Durlacher Allee, Karlsruhe, Germany

ENBW New Office Building Durlacher Allee

The new building for EnBW supplements the existing company headquarters on Durlacher Allee with a striking city block. Together with the existing building at Durlacher Allee 93, a vital campus with various areas of use is being created. An essential feature of the building is its open structure with its generous, inviting entrance. The new building is a welcome addition for everyone involved; passers-by, visitors, users. The open ground floor, freely accessible from all sides, is more than an entrance level with foyers. It is a place with many possibilities.

Its presence on Durlacher Allee is reflected in the building through clear lines, generous passageways, lively greenery and a multi-faceted play of volumes in the light of the sun. It seems like a public building - more than a conventional office building. The structure of the new construction is provided by two open, light and airy green courtyards.

The access is also designed as a semi-public "green courtyard" that welcomes visitors into the multifunctional foyer.

Another defining element of the concept is the so-called "Green Core" - a 7-story atrium with partly open work and communication levels.
The building is designed as a highly energy-efficient building. The versatile use of regenerative energies (geothermal energy, photovoltaics, etc.) is an essential part of this new construction next to its more passive components (geometry, building envelope, etc.).