Wall Paintings Protection at Wildenstein Castle, Leibertingen, Germany

Wall Paintings Protection at Wildenstein Castle

The medieval Wildenstein Castle above the Danube valley has been used as a hostel for several decades.

Transsolar was commissioned to design wall glazing to protect wall paintings from the 16th century. The paintings are in the current dining hall, directly next to the kitchen and are therefore temporarily exposed to strong moisture.

To assess the situation during the operation of the building, data loggers were installed to measure and record the room air temperature and humidity every 15 minutes.

By simulation, taking into account measurement results and coordinated heating and air-conditioning strategies, the predicted temperature and humidity profiles of the internal wall surfaces at different locations - such as near the window reveal, in the window recess, on the undisturbed thick wall - temperatures and humidity conditions were predicted.

A prototype with measuring equipment provided data from operating summer to winter, which were read and compared with calculated values. With the help of this data, the final design with dimensioning of the pane spacing and rear ventilation was created.