Plus Energy Extension Elobau, Leutkirch, Germany

Plus Energy Extension Elobau

In 2019, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) awarded the title "climate-positive" to two Elobau construction projects, built with participation of Transsolar: the production building in Probstzella and the logistics center in Leutkirch. Both buildings are in line with the company's principle "Elobau goes green" and generate energy via photovoltaics.

The company is now also consistent with the new building in Leutkirch (extension of plant II - BA3); it will be a Plus-energy-building. The timber construction is environmentally friendly, also with regard to emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The roof with ten sheds characterizes the building structure; the skylights are aligned to the north and ensure an optimal supply of daylight. The hall is designed for flexible use and is suitable for both production and office workplaces.

An efficient mechanical ventilation system ensures the hygienically necessary minimum air exchange, while the underfloor heating and cooling system provides temperature control. The heat is provided by an air heat pump. The electrical energy required for operation and use is generated by a large-scale photovoltaic system on the shed roofs. In August 2019, one construction already went into operation; the following phase is also being built according to the same concept and is expected to be completed in May 2020. Together, their additional production and office space amounts to 8.198 m² (88.243 ft²).

What does "climate-positive" mean for a building? Regeneratively produced electricity causes hardly any CO2. If excess electricity is fed into the grid, this reduces CO2 emissions elsewhere. In return, it is sometimes necessary to obtain grid power temporarily, e.g. to cover peaks in demand and fluctuations. This is associated with the release of a certain amount of CO2. Exactly how much CO2 depends on how the electricity is generated. In the current electricity mix, this is 474 grams of CO2 for each kilowatt hour. The exported quantity of the self-generated "green electricity" in the Elobau buildings mentioned above was so high in the annual total for 2018 that the CO2 emissions calculated from the energy purchase were lower than the CO2 emissions saved by the sustainably generated electricity (also calculated). This year, they meet the DGNB definition and are "climate-positive."

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Plus Energy Extension Elobau

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Plus Energy Extension Elobau

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