PAMM Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami, FL, USA

PAMM Pérez Art Museum Miami

The new Pérez Art Museum possesses an array of cutting-edge green features. As evidence of this: in 2015, the team exceeded its design target of LEED Silver by achieving a LEED Gold certification. One sustainable component is also a striking design element of the museum. The dramatic exterior canopy was not a purely aesthetic choice; it was designed to provide shade around the building and greatly reduce the cooling loads. Suspended from the canopy are the hanging gardens, a signature element of Herzog & de Meuron’s design. These vibrant pillars, composed of native plants, are irrigated by collected rainwater, thus greatly reducing potable water consumption. Inside the museum are a number of additional energy saving measures. In order to maintain optimum conditions for art preservation, museums must maintain strict interior temperature and air humidity levels, yet the team targeted a 20% reduction in the energy costs (as compared to a conventional art museum). To accomplish this goal, the museum’s air conditioning circulates via an underfloor air distribution system that cools more efficiently and consumes less energy than an overhead distribution system, without compromising ventilation quality. The underfloor air system keeps the floor cool, providing a radiant cooling effect. It is a low velocity system, with low pressure drops, resulting in decreased fan energy. Supplying air at a low level allows stratification which provides occupants access to high quality air. This underfloor system also needs less ductwork than the overhead alternative. For dehumidification waste heat recovery is used. Use of natural light, efficient direct lighting in the galleries, and occupancy and daylight sensors in office spaces keeps artificial lighting energy consumption low.