Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture RICA, Bugesera District, Eastern Province, Rwanda

Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture RICA

RICA is an undergraduate institution in practical agriculture located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. The institute’s core mission is to prepare the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders with practical skills to contribute to modernized and sustainable agriculture. It is expected that all RICA graduates will be innovative problem solvers able to operate farms and ranches, start agribusinesses, assume management roles in cooperatives and other agriculture enterprises, serve their communities as extension agents, technical and policy experts.

Transsolar’s role in the project is to make the entire campus as low energy and resilient as possible since the school will rely on its own photovoltaic array for electricity. All the buildings on campus (classrooms, laboratories, residences and animal barns) have been designed to be fully daylit so that no electric lighting is needed during the day. Additionally, the form, orientation and materials of each building have been specifically optimized through simulation so that the spaces will be comfortable with good air quality year-round using only natural ventilation.

The first phase of campus construction was expected to be completed in 2019 with a second phase of campus construction to follow.

2020 ASLA Professional Awards Award of Excellence in Analysis and Planning

Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture RICA

Preliminary land assessment and conceptual agriculture plan