Zaryadye Park, Moscow, Russia

Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye Park sits on a historically charged site – a focal point for both Russia’s collective past and evolving aspirations. The design aims to create a park borne of Russian and Muscovite heritage as well as one that draws on the latest construction technologies and sustainability thinking. Representing six countries from around the world, the design team brought a global perspective and vast experience to this important project.
The Park incorporates four Russian landscape typologies: tundra, steppe, forest and wetland. Designed with different micro-climates in mind, the resulting landscape is hot and cold, wet and dry, familiar and unknown. The visitors of the park are exposed to various moments of augmented micro-climatic experiences. The four-season space under a large glass canopy atop a hill – like a hand over a shell – create a ‘warmth bubble’ sheltered from wind and collecting solar radiation, offering warmer exterior retreats in winter. An ice cave, on the other hand, has been conceived to host a super-climatic environment in winter and offers a refreshing experience in summer. The glass canopy not only provides shelter to people and plants, but also hosts semi-transparent photovoltaic elements - a prototype technology in an economy otherwise shaped by fossil based energy resources.

2018 ArchDaily Building of the Year