Second Chance

The idea behind this board was to symbolize the contrast between our intentions and the reality. It talks about the damages we have done to the planet so far, the wounds we created, as shown in red and our last chance to make it right.

The flowing lines of ideas represent the excess importance we give to creating new materials that are ‘better’; in terms of performances that can be measured, but not in the more important aspects like embedded energy, environmental and social aspects. Perhaps the solution lies in less processed materials and a combination low-tech solutions. Gradually, as one progresses, one realizes the college studio and the ‘real-world’ are two different things.

The upper part speaks about the trends in architecture globally. We have been taught the value of architecture comes from its context to the surroundings. But in the industrial age and standardization, visually, all our cities look the same even though the conditions could be extremely varying. We need to take the time to understand things before building and analyze our intuitions carefully before bringing any more of these buildings into the world.

We have made one mistake. It’s time to learn from it. This is our Second Chance.

Ketan Avhad – India

Ketan Avhad – India

Ketan did his Bachelor of Architecture at the Aayojan School of Architecture & Design in Pune, India.
He gathered his last work experience at the office of Anupama Kundoo Architects in Auroville.