Outer world

I want my board shown above to inspire me, to see the world through imagination. I don't wish to see just how it is. To turn things upside-down, inside-out, where we swim in the skies and walk above the stars. What would be in our minds then? What of our cities? is this all? We talk about people, but we only talk about us. Are we the only people? What if some aborigines live in our deconstructed glass building, some streamlined concrete structure, or on top of the Empire State?

To dig into these ideas, of the seas, the skies, lands, built environments and us. So, I put the sea over our cities, the sky below our feet, and separate ethnic groups among our buildings. The jellyfish represents Turritopsis dorhnii, the immortal. As ideas. You can take it as a humour, just some fun things to do.

On the other side, there are concerns for our earth. The blue planet, an oblate spheroid with water covering 71% of its surface. Cut pictures of ocean that goes over the top border meant to represent the issue of rising sea level. Interspersed with the images of bleached corals. Coming from an archipelago nation, surrounded by seas, it should be a big issue for us. But that is not the case. So, can we live underwater? Will we ride on jellyfishes?

Luke Mayang Kencana – Indonesia

Luke Mayang Kencana – Indonesia

Luke studied architecture at the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and finished with a bachelor's degree. She worked as an architect at the Indonesian Bureau of Creative Economy. Her last task was managing the reconstruction of Nggela Village of Flores Island following the instruction of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.