Transsolar Academy

From 2013 to 2021, we ran a training program called "Transsolar Academy". The company offered a one-year scholarship for climate-responsive building design for young architects and engineers at our office in Stuttgart. The scholarship included tuition, travel expenses and accommodation. The program consisted of lectures, tutorials and project work. Comprehensive and hands-on, the training combined theoretical background with practical experience both on a personal project and as a team member in company projects. This allowed the Fellows to not only work with Transsolar employees and partners, but also to all learn from each other.

The Transsolar Academy has taken a big step in its evolution, which also justifies a new name. Aware that the biggest changes will take place in the near future and that we need to act now, we continue to share our knowledge, in a new form, the Transsolar World Academy.

The geographical target has not changed either, the "Majority World", i.e. the countries where we believe the biggest changes will take place in the near future. 'Majority World' is a term used in preference to the largely inaccurate term 'developing countries' (Rahul Mehrotra). The greatest growth in population, economy and consumption is taking place in this part of the world. To maximize our impact, we have much to learn, but also knowledge and project experience to share.

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