Great fun over and over again: Stuttgart-Run

Also, this year a highly motivated team formed to take part in the 26th Stuttgart-(Company-)Run. The surroundings of our office in suburb Vaihingen offer ideal training conditions, it is not far to a forest area with the famous lakes "Bärenseen" and of course we have a shower at our office....
A joint training run two weeks before the actual race not only raised the team spirit, but also allowed a self-assessment as to whether 7 kilometers are feasible.
Despite the crowds at the start and the "short" distance, it's always a bit exciting. Especially towards the end, the supportive shouts of the many spectators in front of the stadium entrance at the roadside mobilize the last reserves – and even more the cheering in the stadium lets you accelerate once more. And then it's done, and you feel really good!
As Team Transsolar #1 we feel and are proud of rank 104 (out of 245) in the overall result