Danakil World of Climates, Erfurt, Germany

Danakil World of Climates

The Danakil project will be the new main attraction in the Egapark, officially to be opened with the Bundesgartenschau 2021 after a construction period of around two years. What will be created here is a “nature experience world,” usable year-round, and dedicated to the theme of water and its significance in the earth's various climate zones.
Besides event and gastronomy rooms, the main components of the project are separate desert and jungle houses. Here, the habitats with their specific flora and fauna will not only be presented but can be experienced.
In an integral planning approach, the indoor climate concepts were developed to optimally correspond to specific requirements of the respective climate zones. The simulation goals were to depict climate conditions as realistically as possible, to create optimal conditions for the life of plants and animal populations, to combine this with a sustainable visitor experience and also to operate the building as energy-efficiently as possible. Computer-aided dynamic simulation models were used for a detailed analysis, evaluation and optimization of the concepts.
In winter, both areas need to be heated. Ventilation systems, optimized for specific conditions in each case, ensure the necessary minimum air exchange in an energy-efficient manner. In summer, both areas are exclusively ventilated and air-conditioned in a natural way; chillers for air conditioning are not used. In the jungle house fog systems are used to control the indoor climate andat the same time contribute to the atmosphere. The supply with natural daylight for the exhibited plants, which was also optimized with the aid of simulation models, is particularly importance to the project.
In addition to the main building, a winter greenhouse will be built to replace the existing but outdated winter storage for the most sensitive plants of the park.