CSCEC Headquarters, Guangzhou, China

CSCEC Headquarters

A new headquarter is being built for the large construction group, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). The new high-rise building will focus on sustainable and innovative features.

The design of the economical construction method with reduced building services is based on a comprehensive analysis of the surroundings and the climatic influences on the project. The exterior load-bearing system with little columns and the shade-providing photovoltaic louvers on the facade determine the appearance of the building.

Further, the design goal of the structure and façade is to use as many prefabricated parts as possible.

The technical equipment of the building will significantly reduce energy consumption compared to a compatible building. The more than 64,583 ft²/ 6,000 m² of PV modules in the facade provide enough energy to supply 1,130,210 ft² / 105,000 m² of office space with sufficient electricity throughout the year.

Solar chimneys provide mostly natural ventilation for the building, which also reduces energy consumption.

It is planned that all operations will be monitored and optimized within the first year of operation.