New Center Luisenpark, Mannheim, Germany

New Center Luisenpark

As part of the planned renovation and redesign of the city's largest park, several new buildings with different uses are being built. These pavilions will be single-story, mostly above ground structures with green roofs. The design and construction is split into 2 phases.
These are the new buildings in the first phase: The main construction is divided into a multifunctional building with restaurant and aquarium (underwater world), a functional building with WCs, as well as accessible aviary and penguin facility with technology and penguin care. This first construction phase is to be completed for “BUGA 2023” the German National Garden Festival.
After BUGA 2023, two more buildings will be added. The Arena is divided into the uses Green School with group rooms, corridors and office and Leisure House with bistro, group rooms and multigenerational space.
An energy and ventilation concept is planned for the new buildings that combines energy efficiency with the highest possible thermal and visual comfort, and connection to the ourdoors. This takes account the client's aim to provide the best possible quality of stay for visitors, staff and animals, while at the same time minimizing energy requirements. Cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions based on renewable energy supply are to be implemented.
The buildings will be mechanically ventilated. The aquarium area must be conditioned via ventilation for space reasons. The kitchens will have a separate ventilation system.
Heating and cooling of the buildings is primarily via a thermally-activated floor and mechanical ventilation. A wastewater heat exchanger, which is installed in the public sewage network, serves as the heat source or sink for a water-to-water heat pump.
Ceiling fans may be installed in critical spaces. When the large sliding windows are open in summer, the air inside mixes with that from outside.