Energy Supply for Existing Buildings and Energy Concept for New Building, Tiefenbach, Germany

Energy Supply for Existing Buildings and Energy Concept for New Building

For the production and administration site of the company Minitube in Tiefenbach near Landshut, Transsolar was commissioned to conduct a study to optimize the energy supply. Further, Transsolar develop a climate and energy concept for the new construction of the company headquarters.

During the consulting process, different variants of a common energy supply were examined regarding CO2 emissions, economic efficiency and independence from external energy purchases (self-sufficiency). In a dynamic simulation, load data of the site were coupled with the power generation from PV systems to be able to determine a reasonable electrical storage size for optimizing self-consumption.

The climate concept of the new circular administration building is based on effective external shading, which is essential for a round building. The office areas are ventilated with reduced technology and demand-controlled via decentralized ventilation units. The central atrium receives effective natural ventilation and interior sun protection to prevent overheating in summer. A geothermal heat pump provides energy in combination with a large buffer storage tank and PV system on the roof.

Geothermal baskets are intended for heat generation, which also allow cooling of the building in the summer. The building can achieve a neutral energy balance over a year with this system and is thus CO2-neutral in operation. In addition, the electrical storage and the heat pump allow a high energy self-sufficiency.