School Building for Two Classes, Xuan Hoa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

School Building for Two Classes

On January 15, 2019, in the municipality of Xuan Hoa, Bao Yen District, Lao Cai Province, the project "The Two Environmentally Friendly Classrooms" was officially inaugurated after three months of construction and now offers a friendly learning facility with space for more than 20 students of Dao Sub School of No. 2. Xuan Hoa Primary School. The house with two classrooms was essentially developed and financed by "Sao Bien. Room for Education", an Austrian NGO developed and co-financed by Oriflame Vietnam Co., Ltd., Mr. Nguyen Hai and Mrs. Chau Huyen.
The project was carried out by the Vietnam Sustainability Social Enterprise (VSSE), coordinated by the International Construction Architecture Joint Stock Company 1 + 1> 2. Transsolar advised on daylight supply and the climate concept.
The school currently has 78 pupils aged between 6 and 11. Previously, about 20 third- and fourth-graders were accommodated in two makeshift buildings consisting only of wooden panels and canvas. The village is located in the northwest of Vietnam and has a temperate tropical climate with a cool season from November to April and hot temperatures from May to October. Important to know: If temperatures sink to 10 degrees C and below, the school is cancelled, so there is no heating, although there can be frost. The new building with two open classrooms with a window structure meets the understandable desire for some comfort, environmental friendliness and local identity. The walls are made of a brick system that makes use of daylight and captures the wind when needed to cool down in summer. More than 3000 building blocks with a wall thickness of 15 cm provide thermal mass - and thus a buffer. The locally available material is pressed and not fired, making it largely CO2-neutral and environmentally friendly.
The roof construction, which extends over both rooms, is covered with approx. 4000 dry leaves collected on site, which protect well from the sun in summer and keep warm in winter. The idea of the leaf roof is based on local experience and is confirmed by the results of the research and simulation of the "experts from Germany".
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School Building for Two Classes
School Building for Two Classes