Climaxion - Climatic Maximum Collaboration

While the built environment has consistently remained my primary object of study, I have always been intrigued by its interactions with other disciplines and the synergies that result from these encounters. I am particularly interested in the design processes of experimental and challenging projects and their materialization at different scales and frameworks. During my Transsolar fellowship I hope to gain experience on how climate analysis can inform these processes as a fundamental input to achieve more holistic results.
Through my individual project, I aim to raise public interest and awareness about the richness of Argentina’s biodiversity and the importance of climate-responsive approaches coupled with collaborative strategies for its conservation. My research focuses on the recreation of diverse climatic zones in one of the main parks and most visited areas of Buenos Aires, the formerly city Zoo, to be now converted into a new lighthouse project for the city. The purpose of this proposal is to study the particular microclimatic requirements for different biomes, and investigate ways in which they can interact in order to achieve a synergy that will enable their existence. The balance of the system is rooted in its dynamic nature, and its capacity to handle and process energy flow between the different biomes.

Julia Hajnal  – Argentina

Julia Hajnal – Argentina

Julia graduated as an architect from the University of Buenos Aires, where she also worked as a professor assistant for two years. Her career includes working at both architecture offices and world-renowned artist studios in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Paris, and London as well as co-founding BHY Architects, a Buenos Aires based studio with projects in Argentina and Uruguay.