Improving the Situation of a Local Souq Area in Egypt

Egypt is considered one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, mainly due the rising of sea level and the extreme heat stress.

This project is about developing a daily local market in a very casual city in Egypt Delta, at Shbien All-Qanater city, almost 35 kilometers from Cairo. Local markets are typical for every city in Egypt, where small farmers sell their products.
The market and the buildings surrounding it face multiple problems such as such as the huge amount of organic waste produced every day, extreme to moderate heat stress in the summer and cold stress in winter. All these problems influence the productivity and health of people along with lack of energy supplies as well.

In such a context were the city is unplanned and suffer from poverty and spontaneous patterns of development, the question arises; how can climate engineering knowledge help? During my fellowship I will develop and propose solutions for these areas, addressing issues that consider all the above mentioned problems. Solutions that can be realized with a very limited budget taking into consideration the available local resources and the levels of technology and skills within such a place.

Mentor: Joshua Vanwyck

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Eslam Mahdy – Egypt

Eslam Mahdy – Egypt

Eslam studied at the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning at the University in Cairo, Egypt. He graduated with a Master Degree of Integrated Urbanism & Sustainable Design from the IUSD program coordinated the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University Egypt. He has worked in a company that designs leight weight building materials and is now teaching at the University.